Miracle Messages is a nonprofit on a mission to end relational poverty on our streets. Volunteers record short messages from their homeless neighbors to their loved ones. Then, over 1,000 digital detectives attempt to deliver the Miracle Message via social media.

To end homelessness, we must rebuild social homes as much as affordable housing. Miracle Messages reunites the homeless with their loved ones, and the rest of us as their neighbors.

We are launching a national, volunteer-led hotline for people experiencing homelessness to reunite with their loved ones, in addition to our mobile app for volunteers and referral form for partners. Our goal is to end relational poverty on our streets.

When a homeless client (or case worker) calls 1-800-MISS-YOU, they connect with a trained, on-call volunteer. After an informed consent process, the client is invited to share a few background details on their loved one: name, age, last known location. The volunteer then tries to locate the loved one and facilitate a reunion (the mobile app and referral form function similarly).

To date, we’ve reunited 125 loved ones. 25% of reunions have led to housing and more than 80% have led to a positive outcome, at a fraction of the cost of current government programs.