innoFaith is a network of people of different religious faiths and faith-based organizations who seek to inspire and enable our communities to engage in the world in innovative ways to help humanity thrive.

We are rooted in sacred traditions that we know have great wisdom to offer modern society. We also know that a fast changing world requires us to develop new frameworks and methods for engaging with complex social problems. We want to make faith and the assets of our communities and institutions a powerful force for social innovation, one worthy of the challenges our societies face in the 21st century. 

innoFaith exists to

  • foster the dynamic engagement of sacred wisdom and social innovation
  • unleash the creative courage of persons and communities of faith 
  • nurture collaborations across (and beyond) faith communities to develop solutions to social and environmental challenges, and to help spread existing solutions

The Latin root of the word innovate means to renew, from "in-" meaning "into" and "novare" meaning "make new." With innoFaith, we aspire to bring sacred wisdom and social innovation into a dynamic dance that can help renew our faith, our communities, and our world.

Read our welcome blog post. Read what we mean by social innovation.

And join us!

what we're working on

  • Connecting faith communities to creative, high-impact strategies for social change and resources to support social innovation

  • Fostering collaborations to develop and spread social change strategies that are faith-inspired, innovation-fueled, and impact-driven

  • Cultivating interfaith conversation about the relationship between religion, social innovation, and human flourishing

Lead Instigator


Danielle Goldstone

Hi, I'm Danielle. I'm a practicing Catholic, a member of the amazing Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Washington, DC (except, confessions: I usually skip hospitality hour to go for a bike ride and truthfully only grin and bear committee meetings). I've worked for almost two decades in the field of social innovation. As a young person, my faith community seeded a commitment to issues of social concern that led me to pursue work that I believed would help increase human dignity, equality, and justice in the world. On the journey, I've met and worked alongside many other change makers likewise inspired by their faith, and I've seen my own and many other faith communities (of every religious tradition) working hard every day to create a better world for all through service, organizing, advocacy, and innovation. I think we can do even more and do it better, especially through collaboration.

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