A project of Clal, Glean is the first incubator for spiritual entrepreneurs. Glean not only provides the entrepreneurship education of a leading venture incubator, but adds an integrated layer of spiritual development that is largely absent from this emerging field. By partnering with Columbia Business School, Glean equips its entrepreneurs with the highest-level training to seize the abundant opportunity in this time of great change in American religion, and build sustainable ventures that will flourish for years to come.

In the ever-shifting American religious landscape, the vast majority of philanthropic and venture dollars are directed towards sustaining legacy institutions, while entrepreneur-led startups are frequently an afterthought. Clal’s Glean incubator seeks to provide an ecosystem of support – the highest-level resources – to the generation of faith-rooted spiritual entrepreneurs who will not only build the next round of spiritual institutions, but will re-weave the social and economic fabric of America.