The Faith Matters Network centers the voices of leaders who have traditionally been pushed to the margins of religious narratives. 

There is a great need for prophetic, public voices of faith today. In the face of deep-rooted structures of oppression, a dysfunctional economy, accelerating environmental crises, and a toxic political climate, the feeling is widely shared that the systems we have are fatally broken and unjust. 

Founded in 2014, the Faith Matters Network is a people of color led collective working to equip 21st century faith leaders with the tools to build healthy, equitable communities.

We are committed to creating a culture where the lives of those most marginalized are healthy and whole and able to bring forth a moral imagination that will heal our broken world. 

As a people of color led collective, Faith Matters Network trains, connects, convenes, and amplifies marginalized people of faith, primarily people of color, to chart a new moral horizon.